Musical Instruments

O.C. Bear Custom Guitars

Features: Handcrafted acoustic steel-string guitars.
Contact Name: Clint Bear
Preferred Contact Method: Phone or email.
Phone: 812-265-5842
Street Address: 419 N. Cedar Cliff Dr.
City: Madison
State: Indiana
Zip: 47250
Notes to Retailers: I prefer to sell my product through retail outlets. It is available at Crawdaddy Music in Madison, Indiana.
Notes to Artisans: I handcraft acoustic steel-string guitars of various sized models. I use native and foreign exotic hardwoods to achieve my goal of producing beautiful instruments that have excellent toneand playability. My target market is the musican who wants and needs a high quality acoustic guitar.

Sun Oak Trading Post; Sun Oak Kites

Creates: Kites, windsocks, and banners
Features: Traditional baskets, dolls, metal, textiles, instruments, paintings, wood, glass, photography, mixed media, ceramics, jewelry, soap, books
Contact Name: Langdon
Preferred Contact Method: Phone call, E-mail
Phone: 812-338-3688
Hours : Fri.-Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Street Address: PO Box 232, 914 St. Hwy. 64
City: English
State: IN
Zip: 47118
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesaling, interesting in demonstrating.
Notes to Artisans: Interested in increasing offerings of works produced by artists from Crawford and surrounding counties

The Nava Family

Bio: For the Nava family of New Albany, tradition is more than a hobby, and more than heritage: It is a way of life. For Anthony Nava, living and teaching the traditions of his family is a full-time job. For the Nava family as a whole, traditional arts are not just art; they are a tangible piece of identity. Shannon and Anthony Nava are both American Indian, but of different backgrounds. Anthony is Yaqui and Cherokee, and Shannon is Choctaw and Irish. Shannon learned traditional food ways and embroidery from her grandmother. Both are avid demonstrating artists throughout Kentuckiana.

Shannon Nava: In my work, I use materials or products that I find in my own community or local area. The gourds that I use for jewelry, pendants and other various items are from a farm about 12 miles from my home. In my beadwork and jewelry, I use mostly traditional colored seed beads, in which I make traditional items such as, grandmother dolls, beaded bags, jewelry, beaded belts, and moccasins and Irish pampooties. I am a mixed media artist, I am a traditional embroiderer, the techniques that I use were taught to me by my Grandmother. I also create "Crios" belts which are traditional Irish weaving's that originated on the Aran islands made from a loom that my husband Anthony made. The belts are used primarily today for Celtic/Irish weddings to "Tie the Knot". They are very colorful and I use traditional natural dyes from local wool from my region as well.

Anthony Redfeather Nava: Anthony has made it his life's work to teach people of all ages about the American Indian traditions of his family. He is a state recognized instrument builder he builds and plays Native American wood and river cane flutes and hand-drums, he is a flint knapper, a singer, a Pow-wow dancer, a painter, and a woodcarver; he makes his own Pow-wow regalia and moccasins, he is a skilled bead worker and quill worker, and he makes and sells Native American-style jewelry with ornamentation that is, in part, handcrafted from materials indigenous to the area around his southern Indiana home. He often travels to schools in Indiana and around Louisville to teach children about the various culture forms that he practices.

Contact Name: Anthony Redfeather & Shannon Nava
Phone: 502-639-2919
Street Address: 1306 Chartres St.
City: New Albany
State: IN
Zip: 47150
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesale, willing to demonstrate, provides cultural educational presentations and workshops, professional performing artist.

Wm. Rees Instruments, LLC

Creates: Traditional musical instruments
Features: Traditional musical instruments products
Contact Name: Melissa Irwig
Preferred Contact Method: Phone call, E-mail, Letter
Phone: 812-438-3032
Hours : Tues.-Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Street Address: 222 Main St.
City: Rising Sun
State: IN
Zip: 47040
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesaling.
Notes to Artisans: Interested in increasing offering of Indiana made products. Wholesale.