Gibson County


Bio: I grew up in a woodworking family that dates back to the mid - 1920s and has owned our own business since 1940. I started working with my dad when I was 15 but the oldest photo of me with a saw in my hand was when I was 3 and I helped roof a church when I was 9. I also have a college degree in Architectural Drafting. I have worked on many old buildings from train depots to schools, courthouses (over 10 courthouses in two states) as well as many old houses. I have supplied everytihing from doors, window sashes and frames, stair parts, furniture and cabinets just to name a few items. I have been told by others that there are not many people left like myself trained to do all that I do the way I do it. Most of the new woodworkers today use computer equipment that I don't use. If anyone ever has any questions or needs my help call me at 812-795-2230. I have always been a history buff and by the time I was nine my Mom and Dad had already taken me to the Smithsonian Institute. I don't think too many kids at that age wants to go to that type of place and it shows today by the work I do.
Creates: Wood furniture
Contact Name: James G Henager
Phone: 812-795-2230
Street Address: 8837 S State Road 57
City: Elberfeld
State: Indiana
Zip: 47613

Keith Armstrong, Woodturner

Creates: Traditional wood turning
Contact Name: Keith Armstrong
Phone: 812-729-6005
Street Address: R#1, Box 189
City: Princeton
State: IN
Zip: 47670
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesaling, willing to demonstrate.

Sue Freudenberg

Creates: Paintings
Contact Name: Sue Freudenberg
Phone: 812-753-4454
Street Address: 7517E 775 S.
City: Fort Branch
State: IN
Zip: 47648
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesaling