Clark County

Roxy Lentz

Bio: I make jewelry primarily with old silverplate trays and copper found at thrift stores. By using re-cycled metal the jewelry has a unique look that I can't achieve any other way. The patina is very complex and draws the person looking at it in. To make a necklace I saw up several different types of metal. I file and smooth the edges and then add the patina with a torch. Depending on the type of metal, and the thickness of the silver determines the final look of the piece. Each piece is unique, and often when I start a piece, even I am surprised at what finally develops.
Contact Name: Roxy Lentz
Phone: 812/948-8734
Street Address: 1540 Briarwood Dr
City: Clarksville
State: IN
Zip: 47129
Notes to Retailers: Willing to demonstrate

Square Peg Woodcrafts

Bio: After retirement as a newspaper production executive, Jim James plunged into woodworking as a hobby, specializing in jewelry boxes and gift boxes. They feature exotic woods, combinations of wood species, and unusual joinery, such as double dovetails.
Creates: Traditional wood with a specialty in jewelry boxes
Contact Name: Jim James
Phone: 812-246-1531
Street Address: 6105 Welsh Landing
City: Charlestown
State: IN
Zip: 47111
Notes to Retailers: Interested in wholesaling, Willing to demonstrate

The Art a.N.d Glass Studio

Creates: Lampworked beads & pendants, blown ornaments, slumped and fused glass
Contact Name: Ann Bremer
Phone: 812-284-2232
Street Address: 620 E. Court Ave.
City: Jeffersonville
State: IN
Zip: 47130
Notes to Retailers: Willing to Demonstrate